Save Competitive Telecom

We need the Bridge 2 Broadband. Speak up for local competitive internet providers! Help STOP Big Telephone companies like AT&T from raising prices and cutting off competition.


Don't let this be the end of the road for local competitive carriers.


Big telephone companies are lobbying the FCC, so they could levy a massive price hike on all broadband customers. Speak up now!


Local providers are building new fiber networks to bring faster speeds. Competition builds the future!


In many communities, local providers are the ONLY connections rural communities have to the internet. Don’t cut off Rural America!

Take action now

Send a letter to the FCC. Tell them you are a consumer or small business owner who supports broadband competition. They need to hear your story. Please feel free to use our key points below.

We’ll add your signature on the next page.

Key Points

(Pick one if you get stuck)

Tell the FCC why you choose a competitive provider.

OR if you are stuck with just one or two providers, tell the FCC why you want more competition!

Say NO to price hikes that will increase the cost of internet and telephone services.

Tell them why broadband is critical to your home, business or school.

If you have fiber today but were previously connected with competitive DSL, mention this!

If you have competitive telephone service, mention this too.

Do you live in a rural community? Tell the FCC why local broadband providers are so critical.